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Michael cutting drywall at Charlotte's house
SAFER depends on volunteerism to operate effectively. Without a continual presence of volunteers on our work sites SAFER would not be able to rebuild homes in New Orleans at an affordable price, which is often the difference between a family rebuilding and giving up on their home.

SAFER volunteers learn a variety of construction skills from a young, but well-trained crew of full time volunteer leaders. Their work can save a New Orleans family thousands in labor costs, and usually takes only a few months to complete. SAFER volunteers show that a small, determined group can offer real help to a community by working together to acquire the necessary resources as well as find people willing to pitch in their time.

Please review the work crew information page for information regarding what to wear, a description of our work, and other relevant information. If you plan to join a crew, please email Rachel, our volunteer coordinator, at volunteer@safernola.org with your name and the date you plan to participate.
Come Have a SAFER Week...
Come Have a SAFER Year...
SAFER hosts groups year round. Please review our trip planning page for information related to housing, work, and transportation. If you want to schedule a trip, please email Rachel, our volunteer coordinator, at volunteer@safernola.org.
Vanderbilt students at the end of their alternative winter break trip in 2007/2008.
SAFER is now hiring full time staff for those age 18-25. We are able to offer a living stipend of $1000/month and a scholarship of $4725 for an 11 month committment. Please visit our hiring page for more information.

If you have recently worked with SAFER as part of an Alternative Break Trip, please take the time to fill out our new volunteer survey.

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