Tommie Hodge, age 75, owned and operated his own salvage business with one of his four children before the storm. Hurricane Katrina destroyed Tommie’s business and flooded his and his wife’s home of nearly five decades. Their house in Hollygrove took in almost eight feet of water and needed to be completely gutted. After their return from their displacement in Florida, the Hodges moved into a FEMA trailer. SAFER started work on Tommie’s house in June 2007 and has currently completed: hanging and floating sheetrock, priming, texturing, and painting the interior, and laying tile. We are currently working on installing trim, moulding, and hanging the doors. We will install cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom in the near future. After these finishing touches are complete, the Hodges will finally be able to move back from their FEMA trailer into their completely rebuilt home!
(Date of completion: March 2008)
310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 | 504.314.7233