SAFER's most recent project is the home of Margarita Rounds, a duplex located on Florida Avenue in the Upper 9th Ward in New Orleans. Margarita, who works as a custodian in the Lavin-Bernick University Center at Tulane University, moved to New Orleans from Peru at age 14. Since her home was completely flooded in Katrina, she has been working tirelessly to pay for the repairs. Margarita is at a time in her life when she is ready to retire and enjoy her golden years, but the financial burden of rebuilding costs has made that impossible. Instead, she has been forced to take on additional jobs.

Margarita's hard-earned retirement depends on her ability to rent out one half of her house as a source of alternate income. However, after completing repairs on the half of the house that she lives in, she ran out of money and was forced to delay repairs on the rental property. SAFER's work on Margarita's house, which will include paint scraping, sanding, re-painting, replacing studs, installing insulation, drywall, and flooring, will not only allow Margarita relief from her strenuous work schedule but will create rental housing in the Upper Ninth.

For more on SAFER's work with Margarita, read the article in Tulane's New Wave magazine!:
(Estimated date of completion: June 2008)
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