Who is Eligible?
Anyone aged 18-25 without a criminal record. Because we are a student-led group, we tend to hire recent graduates from college but a degree is certainly not a requirement. For those seeking a position on the construction crew, previous experience working with tools and/or performing manual labor is preferred. For those seeking office positions, we ask that you be proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite and the internet.
What Will I be Doing?
We are currently hiring for full time office staff as well as our actual construction crew. 

Office Positions
At SAFER we try to tailor all office positions to the particular skills and interests of our staff. Throughout the hiring process, we encourage you to discuss with us some of your unique abilities and areas of interest so that we can together create a position that is right for you. At the same time, we have a variety of roles and responsibilities that need to be filled, so keep these in mind as you consider your position. While previous experience is a very big advantage, in most cases everything we do can be learned by anyone who is self-motivated and creative. Those are our only requirements!

Volunteer Coordination:
In order for SAFER to continue to provide our scope of services to our homeowners at no cost, we need a constant flow of volunteers. This responsibility includes working with trip leaders from other colleges to arrange housing and transportation for alternative break groups as well as recruiting volunteers at local colleges and high schools.

Fundraising/Grant Writing:
As you can imagine, SAFER does not operate purely on good will and CFC's. We have very little overhead and pass the entire benefit of all of our fundraising efforts onto our homeowners and the volunteers working on their homes. This includes raising money for building materials, tools, gas/food/water for our crews, among other necessities. We raise this money through a combination of grants from foundations, sponsorships from businesses, donations from individuals, and various fundraiser events.

Public Relations/Promotion:
In order to make sure that the local community as well as those across the country are aware of what we are doing, both those who need help and those who want to help, we need to keep a constant presence. This includes creating and distributing promotional materials, issuing press releases, sending out emails, making phone calls, etc. 

Once we raise money, it's important to have someone who can keep track of what we are bringing in and how we are spending it to make sure we use our contributions for the greatest and most efficient benefit to our community. 

Case Management:
One of the most important jobs at SAFER is working with homeowners to get them access to the information and resources they need to get back in their home. Our case manager(s) act as a liaison between the family and our network of partners and access to resources. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the case manager to provide the best service as possible to our families.

Construction Crew
Of course without the construction crew, we wouldn't get too much done. While volunteers provide a lot of the service to our families in New Orleans, ultimately it is the role of our full time crew to lead the volunteers and do all necessary skilled work in order to maximize the effectiveness of our volunteers. Again, experience is not necessarily required, but anyone interested in these positions should be aware of the demanding physical nature of the work we do and it is extremely helpful if you have worked doing manual labor or handywork before.
What is the Commitment?
No matter what position you feel is best for you, the following commitment is expected. All applicants should keep in mind that the positions SAFER is able to offer are limited and only those with the highest level of commitment to rebuilding New Orleans should apply. The following is expected of each staff or crew member:
  • 10 months of service (positions start anywhere from August 15th to October 15th, 2008 and must end by August 14th, 2009)
  • 1700 hours of service over the course of 10 month term (about 42 hours per week)
  • Each applicant must also raise $3500 in sponsorship from businesses, family, and friends to support their position. SAFER provides assistance in the form of promotional materials, letter templates, fundraising suggestions, and the ability to receive tax free donations. for more information about seeking sponsorship, please visit here.
What is the Compensation?
Each position is supported by an AmeriCorps grant that provides a living stipend and a scholarship. The living stipend is $1,060 per month for 10 months, paid bi-weekly via direct deposit or check (some state and federal taxes apply). A scholarship of $4,725 is awarded upon completion of 1700 hours that can be applied to future schooling at almost all universities or to pay back student loans from almost all lenders.

For more information about AmeriCorps please look here.
What Other Benefits are Available?
All members will be eligible for up to $155/month in food stamps from Louisiana Family Services that can be used at any grocery store. A free health insurance plan that covers medical, dental, vision, and prescriptions will also be provided if needed. Affordable housing and/or housing subsidies also available. All training and equipment is provided. In most cases, payment for student loans is deferred for the length of your term.
How do I Apply?
To apply, please do the following:
  • Tell us about yourself here.
  • Submit your resume here.
  • Download and fill-out your AmeriCorps pre-enrollment packet here. These forms should be mailed to:

    SAFER c/o: Jim Coningsby
    5517 Freret Street
    New Orleans, LA 70115

If you have any questions please review our hiring faq page or email safer@tulane.edu.
310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119
info@safernola.org | 504.314.7233