Gabe Caruso

Gabe Caruso

a.k.a. "Mmmm-Bop"

Volunteer Manager

Every $2 you donate allows Gabe to provide an additional hour of service to the New Orleans community.

I recently graduated from Cornell College with a double major in English and Philosophy. Since graduating in March, I've been down in the big easy rebuilding houses Monday through Friday, and working at Fuji Hana Thursday through Sunday. Fuji Hana is great!

I've thoroughly enjoyed most of the time I've spent down here helping rebuild. It's very fulfilling to see not only houses come together, but also communities. It feels good to have a passerby on the street see a group working in the house and poke a head in asking if they can help. Motivating someone else to lend a hand simply by working makes your whole day of sweating profusely worth it. So does seeing Jim's beard.
310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 | 504.314.7233