Charlotte, a native of Canada, moved to New Orleans in 2002. With her partner Bill, who is originally from New Orleans, she bought and completely renovated a shotgun house in Mid-City. However, not long after the project was finished, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and completely flooded the house. Determined to rebuild, Charlotte used her insurance funds to gut and begin repairing her home. 

Like many people in post-Katrina New Orleans, Charlotte faced numerous obstacles to rebuilding. She was cheated by an dishonest contractor who performed and charged her for unnecessary work on the house, and also by a plumber who falsely claimed to be a licensed electrician. After she paid him, he did work that did not pass inspection and needed to be redone, a problem that is unfortunately very common in this area. As a result, Charlotte soon ran out of insurance money and was unable to continue the work on her home.

In 2007, Charlotte applied for assistance from Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA), one of SAFER's local non-profit collaborators. PNOLA referred her to SAFER, and we have been working together ever since. So far, SAFER volunteers have replaced Charlotte's vinyl siding as well as installed insulation and drywall. We plan to paint the interior and install flooring before the project is complete.
(Date of completion: February 2008)
310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 | 504.314.7233