Andrew Meaux

Andrew Meaux

a.k.a. "Meaux Money"

Project Manager

Every $2 you donate allows Andrew to provide an additional hour of service to the New Orleans community.

Andrew is a recent Tulane University graduate who majored in political science and international development. He is originally from Atlanta, GA, but has called New Orleans home for the past four years and is not yet ready to leave this lovely albeit sometimes crazy city. As a sophomore post-Katrina, he volunteered with SAFER gutting houses, but took a leap of absence due to a lucrative dish washing career in the city's fine dining restaurants. After a short stint working with the Tulane Center for Public Service, Andrew cannot wait to get back out into the city. After graduation Andrew is looking forward to once again joining the SAFER team and giving back to a community that has been so good to him over the past four years.

As many of you now, Andrew's grandmother passed away last month. She was a lifelong resident of Louisiana and if you care to contribute in her memory please indicate Lillian B Meaux in your donation.

310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 | 504.314.7233