Allison Hahn

Allison Hahn

a.k.a. "St. Baldrick"

Community Outreach Coordinator

Every $2 you donate allows Allison to provide an additional hour of service to the New Orleans community.

Allison is a 2008 graduate of the University of Virginia from Leesburg, Virginia. She majored in Anthropology and has no idea what she is going to do with it much less if she even plans on using it in the future. Her plans for the future are TBA; she doesn’t believe in planning too far in advance, you have to let life happen. She reaffirmed her passion for community service in college through her co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and numerous Alternative Spring Break trips, two to the Gulf Coast and one to South America. She first traveled to the Gulf Coast for Katrina relief work in spring of 2007, returning to work in St. Bernard’s parish in the following January. She met many amazing people and heard stories of loss and success that touched and inspired her. She was particularly affected by the sense of community she experienced on the Gulf Coast: it was unlike anything she had ever experienced before and it was a strong motivator in her decision to return to New Orleans.

Allison is looking forward to escaping the superficiality of college and the endless papers and to experience something real with SAFER. She feels strongly about this cause, inspiring her return to New Orleans. She hopes to learn a lot from the people she meets, the stories they have and the work to be done in New Orleans for a future in social work, education or community development (but honestly, who knows where she’ll go…).
310 South Broad Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 | 504.314.7233